HPN665 Cooper 1952

Please excuse my english, we do our best….. Charles Cooper, a mechanic, decided in 1946 to build a single-seater for his son, John Cooper. This car, equipped with a 500 JAP single cylinder engine will be known as the Cooper 500 and will be manufactured in hundreds of copies until 1957. English drivers including StirlingLire la suite « HPN665 Cooper 1952 »

Jaguar D Type TKF9 ex Jim Clark

Please excuse my english, we do our best….. Jim Clark is and will remain one of the biggest drivers that racing has ever known. His early career was tinged with lucky breaks coincidences and encounters We are in 1956 and 20 year old Jim meets Ian Scott Watson, a speed enthusiast who owns a D.K.W.Lire la suite « Jaguar D Type TKF9 ex Jim Clark »

Aston Martin DP212,DP214 and DP215

Please excuse my english, we do our best….. Le Mans still Le Mans … in 1959 Aston Martin had managed to win this falous race thanks to its DBR1 driven by Carol Shelby and Roy Salvadori. In 1960 Ferrari against attacked and signed a brilliant victory on its TR60 piloted by Paul Frère and OlivierLire la suite « Aston Martin DP212,DP214 and DP215 »

Tojeiro EE Coupé

Please excuse my english, we do our best….. There are less than 50 years in England, dreams could become reality. It was the time of the « garage owners » as Enzo Ferrari liked to call them. The time for Cooper Chapman, of Tojeiro, Lister and many other yet. If you had talent, a good engine, ambition,Lire la suite « Tojeiro EE Coupé »

Lister Costin Coupe WTM446

Please excuse my english, we do our best….. Each Lister car is special but some of them are even more exceptional. This is the case of HCH736 whose story will be illustrated in a future article and also of WTM446, the only Lister Coupé. The cars of the Lister brand have never been produced inLire la suite « Lister Costin Coupe WTM446 »

The Ferrari 250 «Breadvan»

Please excuse my english, we do our best….. Some men’s ego conflicts can have amazing consequences on the fate of some cars. Here again, chassis 2819, will have a particular life for reasons that are far removed from mechanics or racing. Initially there is Enzo Ferrari, the great founder of the eponymous brand and hisLire la suite « The Ferrari 250 «Breadvan» »

Ferrari chassis #0606

Please excuse my english, we do our best….. Another chassis with a particular history. A Ferrari that has experienced many twists on the circuits and in the garages of enthusiasts. The model 290MM was produced in 4 copies in 1956 by the Maranello factories in order to participate in the Mille Miglia. They were poweredLire la suite « Ferrari chassis #0606 »

Jaguar E Type Lightweight and…

Please excuse my english, we do our best….. Talking about E Type lightweight is as complex as talking about contemporary art. When the period begins, what is art, what did the artist want to express, etc.. As for E Type, the big question is: what is a lightweight? Everyone agrees on one point: 12 lightweightsLire la suite « Jaguar E Type Lightweight and… »

C-Type Jaguar at Le Mans

It was in 1950 that William Lyons, founder of the brand Jaguar, decided to launch the design of the first car for competition only and especially at the 24h of Le Mans. The fame of this race was, at the time, much more important than today. The F1 championship did not exist yet and a victory on the French circuit had direct repercussions on sales. « Win on Sunday, sell on Monday ». For the 1950 edition, three prepared XK120s started under the cover of a private engagement, and finished with an honorable 12th place. One of the three XKs, the one driven by Johnson and Hadley even climbed to 3rd place in the standings for more than half of the race.


Please excuse my english, we do our best….. This is the story of a chassis, or rather a registration that has participated in the 24h of Le Mans on three occasions, unique in the history of the brand and quite exceptional in the automotive adventure. Moreover during these three participation, SRX210 will be driven byLire la suite « MGA SRX210 »