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This is the story of a chassis, or rather a registration that has participated in the 24h of Le Mans on three occasions, unique in the history of the brand and quite exceptional in the automotive adventure. Moreover during these three participation, SRX210 will be driven by the same drivers. At its origin it is a MGA Twin Cam with aluminum body, only 6 bodies of this type had been manufactured by the factory.

In 1959, Ted Lund and Colin Escott drove this car carrying the num 33 on the 13 km Le Mans circuit. The benefits of the cars are excellent, but the adventure ends dramatically. SRX210 hit a dog at high speed in the Mulsanne straight after 185 laps and must stop a little later on gear box breakage. Note that during this participation, the car was bodied a cabriolet, model quite close to other MGAs who had raced on the circuit of Le Mans in 1955. (Subject of a future article) 

In 1960, the bodywork was modified to meet the new legislation of the ACO organizers. The car looks like a coupe with the tail pan. A 1762cc engine developing 120 hp is specially prepared, powered by two SU carburettors promising a top speed of 210 Km / h. Noted that despite the support of the factory the car is officially engaged by the North-Western Center MG Car Club.

The car will carry the num 32 and will be driven again by Ted Lund and Colin Escott. The race is extremely competitive and after 24 hours of racing SRX210 wins the S 2.0 class ahead of the Porsche 718 RS and the Triumph TRS. It will complete the 13 km circuit of the Sarthe circuit with an average of 99.46 mph or more than 160 km/h.

In 1961 SRX210 brought the number 58 on the grid of departure of Sarthe with again the same pair of pilots but a breakage engine on the 14th turn did not allow to repeat their exploit.

The chassis will still participate in side races to finally enjoy a peaceful retirement after what will remain an impressive track record for a private car.

The car during the 24h of Le Mans 1959

The car during the 24h of Le Mans 1960

The car during the 24h of Le Mans 1961

The car today in his 1960 version

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